They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and, for homebound seniors, that is definitely true. Breakfast improves cognitive functioning and helps maintain metabolism, all of which become more important as we age.

Meals on Wheels Collin County is grateful to Nature Nate’s Honey Co. for their support of our seniors and especially their assistance with our crucial breakfast program.

Nature Nate’s Sales Associate Tim Spaight with Lisa Lalani

The global pandemic has forced so many of us to change and adapt how we do things. This has specifically impacted the Meals on Wheels breakfast program. Instead of delivering daily breakfast meals, the agency now serves weekly breakfast bags including 5 meals’ worth of shelf-stable items (i.e. oatmeal, fruit cups, peanut butter, and honey). Clients get the same amount of food, but the volunteer process looks entirely different.

Meals on Wheels Collin County needs regular volunteers to help bag these meal packs, but our on-site volunteer capacity has greatly decreased due to the pandemic, requiring innovation and flexibility. When Nature Nate’s Honey Co. heard about this need, they stepped up big time, providing volunteer support just as sweet and pure as their honey!

On November 18th, Nature Nate’s picked up hundreds of pounds of food from the Meals on Wheels facility, transporting them back to their plant. Their staff members gathered around long tables brimming with food and bagged together more than 2,000 shelf-stable breakfasts for Meals on Wheels’ highest risk clients. Then they stored the bags at their location until ready for distribution. This helped clear space within the Meals on Wheels facility for additional donations. These breakfast meals were distributed in early December, providing a vital source of nutrition and sustenance for 432 hungry seniors. Lisa Lalani, the Engagement Manager at Nature Nate’s Honey Co., told us that “everyone came together with a lot of joy” for the opportunity to volunteer as a team in support of local seniors.

When asked about why they chose to volunteer, Lalani told us: “One of the core values of Nature Nate’s Honey Co. is giving back to the community. Our Honey Gives Hope program is our way of sharing the many blessings that we’ve been given and supporting families in need. Nathan ‘Nature Nate’ and Patty Sheets particularly have a heart for Collin County where our honey company got its start years ago. Meals on Wheels is an effective, hands-on, practical way to give back and help local individuals and families right in our back yard.”

Nature Nate’s Honey Co. has contributed in the following ways to support local seniors:

  • Packaged 2,160 shelf-stable meals into breakfast bags for 432 clients.
  • Donated $5,000 to support the agency’s greatest needs.
  • Donated thousands of plastic and cloth bags for use in meal and supply deliveries.
  • Provided several pallets of honey for distribution with breakfast meals.
  • Volunteered with emergency meal deliveries – they always step up and request the hardest routes.

Honey makes life sweeter, and so do incredible partnerships like this one. Thank you Nature Nate’s Honey Co. for your support of our seniors, for being willing to try new things, and for always stepping up however it is needed. We appreciate you, and your efforts are making a true impact in the lives of local seniors!


If interested in volunteering with Meals on Wheels Collin County, please visit our Volunteer page and and click Apply Now.