Below is a testimony provided by one of our cherished partners, the National Charity League, about their experiences volunteering with Meals on Wheels Collin County. This was provided by Jolene Westwick, NCL Sunflower Chapter Philanthropy Liaison:

National Charity League (NCL) Sunflower Chapter is a group of mothers and daughters in the McKinney/Prosper area who have come together in a commitment to community service, leadership, and cultural experiences. NCL has partnered with Meals on Wheels Collin County for the past several years. Our mothers and daughters volunteer together in whatever capacity is needed to serve Meals on Wheels clients in our community.

A large part of NCL is teaching our girls social awareness, compassion, and providing support to our communities.  Meals on Wheels provides us with opportunities to directly impact the elderly in our community that are in need.  Our mom and daughter teams have helped with meal preparation and assembly, donations, meal packing, and route deliveries.

I was so thankful for the opportunity to be the liaison this year for NCL, as it is an organization near and dear to my heart.  Meals on Wheels served my grandmother for years.  I remember every time I visited her, she would tell me what meal she received that day and all about her conversations with the volunteer who dropped it off to her.  It gave my family so much comfort to know that she had a warm meal, and those conversations meant the world to her as they were often the only social interaction she’d had that day.

Many mother and daughter NCL teams have shared heartwarming experiences of their interactions with the seniors they have delivered meals to.  My 14-year-old has said she personally loves this philanthropy so much because she gets to directly see the impact this organization has when she delivers the meals.  She loves meeting the clients and has had people thank her profusely, telling her they were so grateful as they didn’t have anything left in the cupboards for that day’s meal.  She said her favorite part is chatting with them at the door and walking away knowing they will at least have a nutritious hot meal that day.

Meeting all of these clients and also seeing the amount of food, workers, and volunteers necessary to support this organization is eye-opening for anyone who serves with them.  The team of individuals behind the scenes at Meals on Wheels are selfless and inspiring, and they work around the clock to do whatever they can to help feed our elderly.

Our hope is that we can help raise awareness of senior hunger and assist Meals on Wheels by doing our part in any way they need us.  We would highly encourage anyone considering volunteering with Meals on Wheels to give it a try. It will impact your life just as much as Meals on Wheels impacts the lives of those you are serving.  It also can provide some amazing family bonding time while serving together.

–Jolene Westwick, NCL Sunflower Chapter Philanthropy Liaison

On behalf of our seniors, thank you so much NCL for serving with diligence and compassion. NCL is one of those groups that, whenever the need arises, we know we can count on you. We are grateful to have you as part of the Meals on Wheels family!

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