Meals on Wheels Holiday Programs!

Secret Santa for Seniors

  • We will have wish lists available beginning October 25th
  • Purchase new items (minimum $30 per gift, and please consider buying for more than one client if you intend to spend more than $75 total)
  • Return the gift in a holiday gift bag to our office at 600 N. Tennessee in McKinney beginning November 8th and no later than November 22nd M-F

Meals on Wheels Fall Harvest Boxes

The Holiday Committee has started work on this year’s Harvest Box collection. We’re implementing something new this year – we’re asking you to sign up on line before September 20th. Here are the instructions and the items to be included. At the end of the message, you’ll be asked to sign up. Thank you! Our clients truly appreciate the remembrance and practical usefulness these Fall Harvest Boxes provide.

(NOTE TO ROUTE VOLUNTEERS – if you have already sent your Harvest Box commitments and requests to Raven or to Peggy, disregard this message. Thank you.)

Following is the grocery list of items we ask you to place in a copy paper box with lid (or any box sized approximately 17” long, 11” wide, and 10” deep). Decorate the box as you’d like—the more creative the better (but no glitter, please, or fancy decorations on top—the boxes have to be stacked).

Deliver boxes to our office between the hours of 9:00 till noon and 1:00 till 4:00 before September 30. Meals on Wheels is at 600 North Tennessee in McKinney.

Buy “Easy Peel” cans whenever possible

Please check expiration dates on items

Brand names do not have to be exact but please buy very similar item

___ (2) Tyson Premium Chunk White Chicken
Breast, in 7 oz. packet (if you cannot find packets, please buy cans with easy open pull tabs or buy small cans of tuna. NO LARGE CANS WITHOUT PULL TABS, PLEASE—too hard for seniors to open)
___ (2) Starkist Charlie’s Lunch To Go Kit
___ (1) Libby’s 4 pack microwavable vegetables
___ (2) Campbell’s Easy Peel Tomato Soup
___ (1) 10oz. microwavable complete meal (on grocery shelf with other non refrigerated microwaveable food). Turkey with hearty vegetables and chicken and noodles recommended.
___ (1) Quaker Instant Oatmeal in microwave pouches—10 to a box
___ (1) package Wheat Thins Original crackers
___ (1) 10oz. jar of Simply Fruit jelly
___ (1) 18 oz. jar of peanut butter
___ (1) package of (4) 4oz. plastic cups of mixed fruit in light syrup or 100% juice
___ (2) bars of soap
___ (1) box Kind Breakfast bar 4 pack—honey oat
___ (1) package containing 6 1 ounce boxes of
___ (1) box 110 count Kleenex tissues
___ (1) pack of (4) toilet paper rolls
___(1) bottle of hand sanitizer

Sign Up Here

Please click the link below to sign up for this year’s Harvest Box program.


Click here for PDF