Photo taken prior to COVID-19

How do we drive the same streets day after day, knowing nothing about the nameless faceless people living in the many homes we pass? Who are they? What do they look like? What unique challenges will they face today? One thing is for sure, as we deliver more and more meals to homebound seniors, sometimes we find them in places we would least expect. It goes to show we never know where there might be a need.

An estimated 17,000 seniors in Collin County are at risk of malnutrition. It takes a network of community partners to meet this overwhelming need. In fact, we like to think of it as a family… the Meals on Wheels family! And one vital member of this family is Globe Life.

Headquartered here in Collin County, Globe Life is going above and beyond to support local seniors. Their company’s mission is to Make Tomorrow Better for everyone living within the local community. This means real help for real people living in these same homes we pass each and every day.

As Meals on Wheels Collin County seeks to eliminate hunger among local homebound seniors and disabled adults, Globe Life has been more than a donor. They have become a part of the family.

Photo taken prior to COVID-19

Globe Life has donated delivery vehicles, sponsored fundraising events, packed and delivered meals, served on the Board of Trustees, and helped in a million other ways we could never count. Most recently, they went even further

Fundraising is obviously vital to nonprofits, but the task itself can be quite time intensive and even expensive. Staff spend countless hours designing letters, folding paper, and stuffing envelopes. It takes money to print these letters and stamps to mail them out.

That’s where Globe Life has taken it to the next level! An industry leader in marketing and mail campaigns, Globe Life is now donating its design services as well as its extensive printing and mailing facility to run the entire administrative component of our direct mail campaign. Meals on Wheels Collin County secures about 1/5 of its funding through direct mail campaigns, and now this process will be effortless and 100% FREE for the agency.

This generous partnership will save Meals on Wheels Collin County over $180,000 per year. Furthermore, since beginning the initiative and thanks to Globe Life’s expertise, we have raised an additional $300,000 over the previous year. That equates raw food cost for an additional 230,000 nutritious meals going straight to the homes of local seniors. Furthermore, this means that every dollar you donate through the direct mail campaign goes straight toward the mission.

Above all, we are grateful that Globe Life understands and shares the Meals on Wheels mission! In the words of Jennifer Haworth, Chief Marketing Officer at Globe Life, “It only takes one time to deliver a meal to a senior to realize just how important that simple act of kindness can be. It will not only fill you with purpose, but will open your eyes to the true need right here in our community. And if you can’t volunteer, it’s amazing to know that even a small donation is what creates that meal for a hungry senior. That too, is an equal act of kindness that truly is so appreciated by our senior neighbors.”

With hearts overflowing in joy and gratitude, thank you Globe Life for your commitment to Make Tomorrow Better… for the nation, Collin County, and for our local seniors. Thank you for being a part of the Meals on Wheels family!