Holiday ProgramsHoliday Programs

Collin County Meals on Wheels will deliver approximately 260,000 meals this year to individuals who are 60 years old and over or disabled, are primarily homebound, are unable to prepare their own meals and are nutritionally at risk.

Please consider making a donation to help us continue our mission to combat hunger and isolation within our senior community.

A donation of $35 will buy a senior’s noon meals for one week, a donation of $140 will buy a senior’s noon meals for one month. ANY amount will be GREATLY appreciated, and you can make a difference.

Donate online or checks can be made to:

Meals On Wheels Collin County600 N TennesseeMcKinney, TX 75070

Secret SantaSecret Santa

To adopt a senior, organize a harvest box drive or ask any questions, please email Peggy Click at [email protected]

Thank you for supporting Meals On Wheels Collin County’s Holiday Programs. You truly are helping to bring joy to a senior’s heart during the holiday season.

Each year, Meals On Wheels Collin County rallies together with the members of our community to share the joys of the season with our senior citizens.

These programs only thrive with your help. We start early to ensure that you have time to participate as well as our volunteers have ample time to deliver boxes and gifts.

Harvest Boxes

The collection of Harvest Boxes is a time honored tradition that is growing in leaps and bounds with each passing year. It is not simply the useful products provided in each box, but the knowledge that they are remembered and are valued, that makes the Harvest Boxes so important to our seniors.

Secret Santa

Each year, MOWCC has our seniors complete a Christmas gift wishlist. We then have people just like you fulfill their holiday wishes. You let us know how many seniors you wish to adopt, and we send you their name and wishes via email. We recommend spending $25.00 to $50.00 on each senior. If you intend to spend more than $75.00 on a senior, we suggest you adopt two. All new gifts are returned to our office in a holiday gift bag, ready to be delivered to our seniors.


Volunteers are always needed to deliver Harvest Boxes and Secret Santa items. We also need volunteers to assist in organizing boxes and gifts. Please contact our office if you might be interested in assisting in this need.


Harvest Box Shopping List

Below you will find a grocery list of things we need to fill the Harvest Boxes. Please complete the list and place the items in a copy paper box with lid (or any box sized approximately 17” long, 11” wide, and 10” deep). Decorate the box. The more creative and festive, the better (but, please, no glitter or fancy decorations on lid—the boxes have to be stacked for storage and transportation).

Grocery list:

Brand names do not have to be exact but please buy items as similar as possible

(2) Tyson Premium Chunk White Chicken Breast, in 7 oz. packet

(2) Starkist Charlie’s Lunch To Go Kit

(1) Libby’s 4 pack microwavable vegetables

(2) Campbell’s Easy Peel Tomato Soup

(1) 10oz. microwavable complete meal (on grocery shelf with other non refrigerated microwaveable food). Turkey with hearty vegetables and chicken and noodles recommended.

(1) Quaker Instant Oatmeal in microwave pouches—10 to a box

(1) package of Wheat Thins Original crackers

(1) 10oz. jar of Simply Fruit jelly

(1) 18 oz. jar of peanut butter

(1) package of (4) 4oz. plastic cups of mixed fruit in light syrup or 100% juice

(2) bars of soap

(1) box of Kind Breakfast bar 4 pack—oats and honey

(1) package containing (6) 1 ounce boxes of raisins

(1) box 110 count Kleenex tissues

(1) pack of (4) toilet paper rolls

(1) bottle of hand sanitizer


And please buy pull-top cans whenever possible.

—Extras:While food is essential, it is nice to be give a little something for fun as well. If you wish to add more: postage stamps, large print puzzle books, adult coloring books, envelopes, dried fruit, hard candy, package of assorted greeting cards, ballpoint pins, notepads, and crayons or colored pencils.