Have you ever connected with someone over football? There is something about sports that can generate so much banter but also a huge amount of camaraderie.

One day while delivering meals, a young YMSL volunteer proudly wore his favorite team’s jersey! On what started like any other volunteer shift, he and his mom knocked on the door and Mr. Tim (not his real name) answered with a big smile! Mr. Tim loved that same football team! What began as a simple interaction–delivering a meal to a homebound senior–turned into a beautiful 15-minute conversation about that team and even the history of football. The young man delivering the meal was fascinated hearing Mr. Tim’s stories, and a deep bond developed between the two.

What made this encounter so powerful? Mr. Tim admitted that Meals on Wheels volunteers were the only regular visitors he ever had, so these conversations—these precious moments—meant the world to him!

Social Isolation Among the Elderly is a Huge Problem

One in every five seniors lives alone. While that might seem insignificant to some, it can actually have major health consequences. Loneliness increases stress levels, which can lead to depression, heart problems, and dementia in older adults. It’s a serious problem.

Why do so many seniors struggle with loneliness?

As seniors age, they become more homebound. Physical disabilities or vision problems keep them from driving. Limited income prevents them from hiring help. And in this increasingly transitory American culture, closest family members often live miles, hours, or even states away.

Such loneliness has been even further impacted by the pandemic, making it unsafe for seniors to receive visitors.

This is why the Meals on Wheels program is so important!

Meals on Wheels Collin County delivers more than just a meal. We deliver hope.

At age 96, Ms. Rose describes Meals on Wheels as the best part of her day. “Not only do I receive hot meals that are good for my body but also interaction that is good for my soul. The meals are wonderful, but it’s the people that make the difference!”

When you knock on the door to deliver that meal and see an overjoyed, smiling face greet you, instantly you know the impact one simple act can make upon the life of a homebound senior.

We cannot accomplish this mission alone. Serving 1,000+ seniors every day takes an army of volunteers. YMSL Prosper has been such an incredible partner on this journey.

The Young Men’s Service League is 501(c)(3) nonprofit that engages moms and their high school age sons in local service projects. The aging population is one of YMSL Prosper’s focus demographics, partnering with Meals on Wheels was a good fit.

YMSL Prosper has been such an encouragement to MOWCC. They help pack emergency meals, donate Harvest Boxes and Secret Santa gifts, and deliver meals to countless hungry seniors! YMSL Prosper is one of those groups we can always count on. Whatever the need, they always show up.

And we are honored that volunteering with MOWCC has been a powerful experience for these young leaders.

They constantly tell us how it reminds them of fun memories with their grandparents and how impactful it is to see that smile. Getting to have conversations (from a safe physical distance during the pandemic) has built lasting bonds between these young men and our aging clients, connections that span generations and leave a lasting impact.

YMSL, we are so grateful for your support!

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Together, we can ensure no senior gets left behind!